1. General Details

    Fabtech’s Multi-mill is ideal for high speed granulating, mixing, shredding, chopping and pulverising of a wide range of wet and dry materials. It utilises variable force with hammer blades that have both knife and impact edges rotating with the screen to control size reduction. The direction of the blade can be changed using a reverse switch for the hammer or knife operation. It features multiple combinations of screens and speeds. It has a higher screen opening area for greater throughput and a perforated screen at the bottom of the pulverising chamber for granule size control and fineness. We also offer Co-mill and Conical mills using the same variable force principles.

  2. Techical Specifications
    1. All contact parts manufactured in SS 316L
    2. Built-in variable frequency drive for multiple speeds
    3. Changeable number of blades to suit the process and material
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