Dry Co-mill with VTS

  1. General Details

    Fabtech’s dry co-mill is used milling and sizing operations. Particle size distribution (PSD) is tightly contained with sieve, depending on the screen and impeller choices. The milling is efficient with higher output and less fines and no dusting of material. Dried granules are transferred to dry co mill through vacuum transfer system and after milling to bin blender by gravity. The compact design is easy to clean and operate. The mill works on forced pressure and generates very little heat.

  2. Techical Specifications
    1. All contact parts manufactured in SS 316L
    2. Built-in variable frequency drive for multiple speeds
    3. Changeable number of blades to suit the process and material
    4. Accurate speed control and continuous process
    5. PLC operation through user set recipes
    6.  21 CFR Part 11 compliant
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