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Scaling up of Oral Solid Dosage Forms

Any pharmaceutical product that is being developed begins with initial testing or experiment and goes through several iterations before it can be manufactured. In other words, the lifecycle of any well-known product involves the scaling-up process numerous times. However, scaling-up of any manufacturing process has its concerns due to the increase in manufacturing size and […]


Hot Melt Extrusion Process in Pharmaceutical Drug Formulation

Introduction:Formulators rely on science and technology knowledge for solutions to new or existing problems through well-considered combinations of methodologies and approaches that profoundly impact the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. They understand and evaluate the pre-formulation phase, formulation and process development, and post-formulation phases to achieve specific objectives. Hot Melt Extrusion, a prevalent practice in the […]


Decoding Evaluation Methods of Pharmaceutical Pelletization

Pharmaceutical Pellets are small, free-flowing, spherical particulates manufactured by the agglomeration of a fine powder, granules of drug substances and excipients using appropriate processing equipment. Pelletization and Granulation are often used interchangeably. However, pelletization technique is considered superior to most techniques that fall under a similar category.    Pellets have undoubtedly become a very important […]


A Guide to Isolator Gloves

"Pickles". Yes, I am referring to the undisputed favourite accompaniment to Indian food cuisine. A few weeks back, I was observing my mother making some lip-smacking mango pickles. However, my focus shifted from the recipe to the process. The striking thing of this process was the swiftness in the whole process with minimal physical touch [...]
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