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GAINFUL GRANULATION vs CORRECT COMPRESSION – understanding the easy way 

The role of granulation in tablet manufacturing is indisputable. The formation of granules, if characterized optimally, enhances the uniformity of the API, and has significant impact on the tablet’s flowability and compressibility. As we all know, several manufacturing unit operations are undertaken prior to tablet compressing, including wet granulation to agglomerate ‘fines’ and form appropriate […]


Pharmaceutical Product Development – in Perspective and Practice

The following discussion is primarily in the context of development of expired Generic or Patent pharmaceutical dosage forms, which can be pharmaceutically and bio pharmaceutically equivalent to an established international brand leader (Innovator). However, it is neither intended nor should it be perceived as a New Molecule (New Drug Product) Development. While considering a new […]


High Shear Granulations (HSG) Vs Fluid Bed Granulations (FBG) – A differentiation guide

Granulation that forms the core component of the pharmaceutical industry continues to grow with improved technologies and accelerated advancement.  Apparently, High Shear Granulation (HSG) technique that offers an enhanced shaping process has been widely accepted as the optimum choice of tablet granulation method. Considering its slow moving heavy duty beater assembly coupled with a fast […]


Properties of a Good tablet granulation

What are the ideal properties of a good tablet granulation? Again a very loaded question but a very frequently asked question too. Let us try to identify the ideal properties and try to give them some usable numbers and figures. The properties of a good granulation can be defined as below: Flowability  Optimum Moisture content Good […]


The trial at Application Service Centre Part-II

This blog is a continuation of the Tech trial series Part-I where we talked about the development of NPS sugar beads from sugar powder using Fluid Bed Columns for one of our customers. In this series, we take our trial one step ahead for developing the sugar beads by using a dry powder layering technique […]


The trial at Application Service Centre Part-I

It is very important to understand that one of the largest components of the total cost of bringing a new drug to the market or Pilot scaling is the cost of Product development and product trial. By associating with us, you can bring down the investment in basic product development and product trial. Our trial […]


Latest advancement in Granulation technology and its future

Pharmaceutical manufacturing technology has gone through a whole lot of changes over the last 5 to 6 decades, especially since the end of World War II. Until the late fifties, pharmaceutical manufacturing technology involved mixing and blending equipment that basically originated from the fields of agriculture, food and chemical industry. Innovation by leaps and bounds […]


Scaling up of Oral Solid Dosage Forms

Any pharmaceutical product that is being developed begins with initial testing or experiment and goes through several iterations before it can be manufactured. In other words, the lifecycle of any well-known product involves the scaling-up process numerous times. However, scaling-up of any manufacturing process has its concerns due to the increase in manufacturing size and […]


Decoding Evaluation Methods of Pharmaceutical Pelletization

Pharmaceutical Pellets are small, free-flowing, spherical particulates manufactured by the agglomeration of a fine powder, granules of drug substances and excipients using appropriate processing equipment. Pelletization and Granulation are often used interchangeably. However, pelletization technique is considered superior to most techniques that fall under a similar category.    Pellets have undoubtedly become a very important […]

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